TARP’s $700 Billion Bailout Czar Wants to be Your Next Governor! Meet Neel Kashkari!


by Kelly Hubbard

This guy’s record and his views on the issues are almost as scary as his crazy eyes! Neel Kashkari is the California GOP’s latest golden child and he comes with deep pockets and even bigger baggage!


He is the GOP’s latest example of what they think passes as a Republican in this state! I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Bush’s bailout Czar announced his candidacy just a few days after Maldonado dropped out! I’m sure the GOP would much rather support this RINO over the other frankly because he’ll probably raise more money than Maldonado and the fact that he already comes out of the gate being a multi-millionaire! It also doesn’t hurt that he appears to have already amassed a sizable campaign team, with seasoned campaigners and consultants who worked for Romney, McCain, and even Schwarzenegger!

Not only has this guy served in both Obama’s and Bush’s administrations, overseeing TARP, but he also has a record and views that make Abel Maldonado look like Ronald Reagan! To say this guy is an ultra-liberal Progressive is a gross understatement!

While doing my research on this guy, my jaw kept dropping to the floor! I can honestly say that I have never seen a Republican candidate with a record and with views so outrageously inconsistent with the party platform! I did a complete bio and below that I delve deeper into his record and his views on the issues. It turns out that most of his liberal views are taken from direct quotes on his website. One thing I’ve noticed about this guy is that he isn’t at all shy about his progressivism! He seems to be very bold and upfront about it!

I sourced as much as I could, but some things I couldn’t source with a link. I think it’s important now more than ever to vet our candidates thoroughly and aggressively! I encourage you to share this information with others and perhaps post it on your social media sites.

As the party bosses start rolling out the red carpet for Kashkari, it’s important that we do our part to inform others about his record and to remind folks there is actually a very authentic conservative in this race to beat Jerry Brown. His name is Tim Donnelly! If you don’t know anything about Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, I encourage you to check out his website https://www.electtimdonnelly.com/ ! Compare the sharp night vs. day contrast between both men! After you do that, it will be obvious to you who the real Reagan conservative is in this race to beat Jerry Brown!


source http://octeapartyblog.com/2014/01/30/tarps-700-billion-bailout-czar-wants-to-be-your-next-governor-meet-neel-kashkari/


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