‘John Kerry is Living in a World of His Own’ Wife of stabbing victim horrified after US Sec. of State claims no Israelis were killed by terrorism last year


United States Secretary of State John Kerry has triggered an uproar in Israel yet again with remarks to the foreign press, this time for a claim that no Israelis were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in 2013.

Speaking in Germany, and echoing previous threats, Kerry once again warned of catastrophic results if Israel did not a US-sponsored peace deal.

He claimed that in Israel, “there’s [only] a momentary peace. Last year, not one Israeli was killed by a Palestinian from the West Bank.”

“This year, unfortunately, there’s been an uptick in some violence,” he added, but warned that “the fact is the status quo will change if there is failure.”

In fact, several Israelis were murdered in terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria in 2013. The widow of one of them – 31-year-old Evyatar Borovsky – expressed hurt at Kerry’s remarks.
read more>>> http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/177161

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