Three Things Your Bank Won’t Tell You

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(Memphis) Believe it or not, the very places you trust with your money could be ripping you off!

The On Your Side Investigators are working to keep more of your money in your pocket by exposing bank secrets.

Imagine paying almost $900 in a single overdraft period.

It’s a worst case scenario, but an example of just how quickly those fees can multiply.

Outrageous and unfair is how many consumers describe bank policies and practices.

Mandi Freeman says she was shocked and upset to learn about something her bank was doing.

“So your bank was charging you because you weren’t using your debit card enough?” we asked.

“That’s correct,” replied Freeman.

The whole concept sort of seems like an oxymoron, charging you to access your own cash.

“Remember this is the consumer’s money, this is the family’s money,” says Mark Chalos of Lieff Cabraser.

Chalos’ Nashville law…

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